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While we have undoubtedly answered most of the questions here on different parts of our website, we have created a dedicated section for queries that (potential) subscribers often ask to ensure that you understand our services, how we operate, etc.

However, please note that this section doesn’t take the place of our support team; if you still have further queries, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. But, before doing so, kindly make sure you have carefully read this page to avoid asking questions that we have already answered.

Thank you for your usual understanding.

Our trading signals are calculated trades generated based on proper technical and fundamental analysis. All signals delivered by Trade With Mac feature the following: pending order, current price, take profit, stop loss, and valid timeframe. 

You can use Trade With Mac trading signals anywhere. Regardless of your country, all you need is a trading platform where you can execute the trades, have an internet connection, and understand the English language to a considerable extent.

We deliver our signals 24/7, depending on your subscription plan and the trading opportunities we think are best for you. Signals are delivered via Telegram and WhatsApp Messaging Apps to ensure real-time notification, so you do not miss out on any of the opportunities that we share.

We have consistently provided signal services for the last 15 years and have recorded over a 95% success rate. Our experience, deep knowledge of the markets, and zero use of trading bots contribute to our impressive results.

Of course, you can! Typically, you do not need to do anything at your end other than just placing the trade and smiling to the bank. Whether you are an experienced trader or a newbie, Trade With Mac has something for everybody.

This depends on several factors, including your account size. However, from our past performances, if you trade our signals diligently, you should expect a minimum of 1,000 pips monthly.

No. You can use any major legitimate broker. However, if you are still unsure of the best broker to start with, you can contact us, and we’ll provide the best options to consider.

No. You can fund your account with as low as $100 and as high as possible. Please, do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need to deposit money into your trading account.

Yes. We operate a 24/7-policy. Please, visit our “Services” page to learn more on how to deposit or withdraw money using Trade With Mac as your payment agent.

As fast as possible, depending on the internet connection. Payments, upon confirmation, can be as quickly as 30seconds!

It depends on the class you enroll in. Please, visit our “Learn With Trade With Mac” page to learn more about our trading classes.

Trade With Mac’s support team is available 24/7 to respond to all your inquiries, requests, feedback, and complaints. Please, visit our “Contact Us” page to get in touch with us.

Yes, we offer full refunds if you aren’t satisfied with our service. However, we’re pretty sure the possibilities of such happening are extremely slim. Please, check our terms of use to learn more about our refund policy.

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