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Trade With Mac has provided the following terms and conditions of use of service as a general outline that must be religiously adhered to when surfing the website (www.tradewithmac.org) and using any of our services and products.

It is your responsibility, as a user, to abide by this set of rules. Therefore, ensure you carefully read and understand them before using our website. By using www.tradewithmac.org and/or other services and products that we provide, you have automatically agreed to these terms of use of service. Please note that some aspects of this website or some of our services may require additional terms and conditions; using them also signifies your implicit agreement to such terms and conditions.

We may also continue to update this page regularly with or without prior notice. All updates will be similarly accessible for public use. Hence, ensure you check this page regularly to stay abreast of such updates.


Trade With Mac does not accept liability for any damage or loss which might have been directly or indirectly incurred from the use of this site or any of the content provided therein. You acknowledge that you understand the risk associated with trading and agree to take such risk(s) using the information we offer.

Trade With Mac does not offer trading, investment, or financial advice, as the case may be. None of the information that Trade With Mac provides should be construed as financial advice. We strictly provide information based on our trading knowledge and experience.

All the information provided on www.tradewithmac.org is considered all-inclusive, complete, and self-explanatory. Therefore, trade With Mac nor any of its employees and consultants aren’t obliged to provide additional details other than what is initially provided.

The details we provide will be regularly updated. However, trade With Mac isn’t obligated to notify users of such updates.

Website Conduct

Trade With Mac will not tolerate any online misconduct(s). This includes sending any harassing, unlawful, racial, explicit, threatening, profane, hateful, defamatory, harmful, or offensive material to the company or any of its employees and consultants via our website or messaging outlets.

Our definition of online misconduct also cuts across content with direct, indirect, conscious, or unconscious intent to cause civil liability, criminal activity, fraud, abuse of the government at all levels, etc.

We reserve the right to reveal the identity of such persons to the required authority and ensure that they face the full wrath of the law.

Refund Policy

Trade With Mac will only attend to refund requests made within 24 hours from the time of subscription to any of our services or purchase of our products. Due to the nature of the services and products that we offer, while we may want to, we cannot provide refunds to users who submit their requests later than 24 hours from their time of subscribing or purchasing.

Also, customers or subscribers harassing, spamming, abusing, or generally aggressive or rude to us may not be entitled to any refund.

Refunds are made via the same payment method a customer pays with; approved requests are usually completed within 3-5 working days.

Due to the nature of the services and products we offer, we cannot provide swaps between different subscription plans for any of our services. Trade With Mac also doesn’t entertain refund requests for all educational services and products.

Do you have a refund request to make? Do not hesitate to reach out to us via our “Contact Us” page. We’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Website Access & Copyrights

You should never copy, duplicate, exploit, or use the content on www.tradewithmac.org, whether in part or whole, for any commercial purposes without prior written approval from the owner(s) of Trade With Mac. This includes mimicking our signals, creating automated commands to siphon our audience, etc.


Trade With Mac operates a full tolerance policy. Under no circumstance do we discriminate or make prejudicial distinctions, whether on religion, race, national origin, sex, gender, etc. However, this site is restricted to persons under the age of 18.


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