TSF vs FTMO: Which Prop Firm Should You Choose?


Proprietary firms provide a win-win situation for traders, regardless of the type of market or financial instrument they trade. However, how much you win or are rewarded for your efforts largely depends on the type of prop firm you work with.

And, of course, several of these prop funding firms exist, therefore creating a problem of choice. This article carefully reviews two of the best prop firms recommended for traders to choose from, Traders Support Funds (TSF) and FTMO.

Which of these two should you choose to work with? Find out in this comprehensive TSF vs FTMO review!

FTMO vs TSF: Who/What is FTMO?

Established in 2020, FTMO is a proprietary firm dedicated to helping traders to source capital in a not-too-difficult way. They have funded over $23 Million to traders across 100+ countries and have taken pride in their payout processing hours of approximately 8 hours.

FTMO offers their traders a trading journal and a comprehensive resource on trading psychology to help them with account analysis and healthy mental health.

TSF vs FTMO: Who/What is TSF?

TSF was established in 2021 – but didn’t launch until February 2022 – to help traders of various financial markets get and grow their capital maximally. TSF funds forex traders up to $200,000, Cryptocurrency traders $25,000, and DERIV synthetic traders $25,000.

TSF provides its brokerage, Berfam Markets; therefore, allowing its traders to enjoy the best market conditions, including but not limited to minimal spreads and lower commissions.

Like FTMO, TSF also provides comprehensive resources and lessons to help their traders get better at trading.

FTMO vs TSF: Advantages of Working with FTMO

  1. FTMO offers up to 80% profit sharing.
  2. FTMO-funded traders can leverage up to 1:100
  3. FTMO supports traders from multiple platforms, including but not limited to Ctrader, MT5, MT4, etc.
  4. FTMO can fund up to $200,000, although the funding fee is comparatively higher.

TSF vs FTMO: Advantages of Working with TSF

  1. Very low funding fee. You can get a challenge for as low as $25 for a $2,500 account and $800 for a $200,000 trading account.
  2. TSF can also fund traders up to $200,000
  3. TSF also supports traders from multiple platforms, including but not limited to MT5 and MT4.
  4. TSF offers traders 20% profit immediately after they get funded as an incentive for their hard work and skills.
  5. TSF offers up to 90% profit sharing.
  6. TSF-funded traders can grow their accounts up to $4M depending on their performance.
  7. TSF traders have their personalized account manager, ensuring easy access to customer support.

FTMO vs TSF: Disadvantages of Working with FTMO

  1. FTMO may be somewhat expensive, especially for newbie traders.
  2. The least funding fee at FTMO is €155.

TSF vs FTMO: Disadvantages of Working with TSF

TSF hasn’t funded traders as much as FTMO. And this is largely because they haven’t existed as long as FTMO.

FTMO Funding Process

Traders looking to get funded by FTMO must go through three major stages: the FTMO Challenge, Verification, and Funding.

  1. The FTMO Challenge: This is where FTMO tests the skills and discipline of the trader. The challenge takes 30 days and must fulfill certain requirements throughout, including reaching a pre-set profit target – this target depends on the account size you choose, trading at least 4 trading days, respecting the daily loss limit and overall loss limit, etc.
  2. Verification: After passing the challenge, FTMO would want to confirm your trading skills over a longer period. The verification stage spans 60 days and features relatively more stringent requirements.
  3. Getting Funded: Passing these two evaluation stages means you can now become an FTMO-funded trader automatically. You would be assigned to a trading account and receive up to 80% profit share.

TSF Funding Process

TSF explores a simpler funding process. Also divided into three stages, TSF has just one stage of evaluation. This means you can access capital and start trading as quickly as possible.

  1. Step 1: Register your account with TSF on their official website. This is where you will also pick your funding model and the account package you want to subscribe to.
  2. Step 2: This is the evaluation stage to prove yourself as a consistently profitable trader with excellent trading psychology.
  3. Step 3: Get funded as a TSF trader!

TSF vs FTMO: Final Verdict – TSF or FTMO?

Undoubtedly, both Traders Support Fund (TSF) and FTMO are amazing opportunities for traders to access trading capital and start making money for themselves.

If you are looking to get funded very quickly, TSF is your best bet! However, for a more challenging funding process to test your trading skills rigorously for 90 days, consider choosing FTMO.

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