The Halving of Ethereum has Caused Ex-Ethereum Miners to Be Uncertain About Their Future Plans.


Some Graphics Processing Unit owners have resorted to selling power to non-crypto projects after the Ethereum Merge.

Ethereum made its historical transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) some days ago, and some ex-Ethereum (ETH) miners are clueless about the way forward.

After the Merge, Numerous people began to discuss what they believe will happen to these former Ethereum miners on Crypto Twitter.

Twitter user BakaMoriDesu suggested in a tweet that ex-Ethereum miners would move on to the next profitable coin. However, he stated that he doubts the coin’s profitability after the halving as an RVN miner.

A few ex-Ethereum miners were reached to inquire about their plans. However, the consensus reflected that many were still uncertain about their next steps.

Former miner Christian Ander said that:

“To be honest, I don’t know myself yet. Selling GPU power to other computing intense services is far from as profitable as ETH was.”

“I am doing research myself, and my partners are looking into options,” Ander added, noting, “GPU owners are doing research and selling power to non-crypto projects. And when the energy prices are very high, they shut down and sell excessive power to the grid.” Ander said he’s currently not mining any crypto and is just evaluating the market.

Another ex-Ethereum miner, Kevin Aguirre, stated that he had sold his hardware to his partner, who was now using it to mine other coins. He said;

“I do have some regret in my outcome with my mining machine, but in the end, it supported me and my family through the pandemic.”

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