How to Choose A Trading Mentor

How to choose a trading mentor

Most people underestimate the value of a trading mentor, which is often one of the reasons for failing in trading.

When young and new traders first begin to trade, they believe they can read a few blogs and books to become successful. Unfortunately, this misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The trading industry can be exciting, but mastering the skills will take time and effort. Even an accomplished trader may need the help of an expert to develop their skills. By working with a mentor, traders have a manual to help them unlock the trading mechanism to achieve success. In addition, a trading mentor can help you grow and become better at trading.

You should know that trading isn’t just a skill like knitting or painting that you can learn by putting in some effort. Instead, it involves knowing and implementing a wide range of strategies, techniques, basics, tactics, and understanding of the market that doesn’t come with self-learning and barely any experience.

A trading mentor should offer you valuable insight only experience provides, whether in successes, failures, or both.

Tips for Picking the Right Trading Mentor

1.      Choose  A Mentor That Motivates You

If your mentor does not motivate you, you should choose another one. In fact, the first consideration in picking a trading mentor should be someone who inspires you in the trading field.

Traders lose motivation most of the time. Having an experienced and knowledgeable trader by your side who has probably experienced the same uncertainty and boredom as you are a great way to inspire you and get you back on track.

2.      Choose A Mentor That Is Actively Trading

Not every trader is fully into trading; some are seasoned traders who trade infrequently. Your trading mentor must be a successful and active trader making the profits you wish to see for yourself.

Several persons often claim that they can teach beginners. The question is, have they successfully traded consistently and profitably?

Of course, many traders flaunt their wealth in their marketing materials; however, they might not be truly successful in trading.

In addition, your trading mentor should be someone who can be verified on other platforms, not just someone with a few student success stories.  

3.      Choose A Mentor That Is Focused More on Content Than Lifestyle

Some people enter the trading business for show-off and to impress people. Some even start trading because their friend is doing the same. People who start trading for these reasons are the wrong kind of people to choose as mentors. You don’t want to fall for the claims of someone who just talks fluff and has no substance.

Someone who only shares their lifestyle and has no content with substances will not be beneficial. These people are into trading only for fame and not true mentorship. Going for the wrong mentor can be detrimental to your career. Ensure that the mentor of your choice is transparent about their career and has content with substance.

Many trading mentors on the internet have good advertisements that attract a lot of trading beginners. However, it is essential to note that some are just good advertisers, not good mentors. In such cases, these traders always promise unreasonably high profits in a short time.

If their claim appears so good to be true, making such a person your mentor is not advisable. Ensure your trading mentor is transparent and shares its trading chart.

4.      Choose an Honest Mentor

A good mentor will never give you a false review but will tell you where you are lacking and how to improve your trading skills.

A principled trading mentor will be brutally honest with you; he will tell you things you don’t want to listen to but need to listen to. A good mentor will not be focused more on making you happy or be afraid to correct you.

An honest trading mentor will not just stop at familiarizing you with a certain strategy; he will stay throughout your trades to keep you accountable and guide you through whenever needed.

In addition, good mentors are always good teachers. With all the information about trading, choosing what works for you can be daunting. Only a mentor with good teaching skills can put you through successfully.

5.      Choose A Mentor That Helps You Save Money

The worst part of trading is that it can be very costly and easily affect your wallet if you don’t do it right. It is effortless to lose capital on bad trades. You need to have proper knowledge about your investment so as not to run into a loss. This is why you need a mentor who can guide you to where you should trade and where you shouldn’t.

A good mentor has already passed the phase of success and failure you are dealing with. The best mentor for you will guide you to overcome your problems and help you to grow your limits.

Conclusion on How To Choose The Best Trading Mentor

At this point, you have probably realized that getting real help from s successful trading mentor can be immensely beneficial. It can help you save time learning about the trading business. In addition, it can save you money, keep you inspired, and much more.

Ideally, mentorship will develop into a longer-term relationship based on trust and collaboration. The key to successful mentoring relationships is ensuring they are mutually beneficial. Take your time choosing a mentor so you won’t regret your choice.

Choosing the right trading mentor can be challenging, but with the tips in this article, you will know the right mentor.

Do you need to talk? Tradewithmac is always here for you – don’t hesitate to reach out.

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