How To Stop Missing Out On Trades: Best 5 Ways

How To Stop Missing Out On Trades: Best Five Ways

As a trader, either forex trading, stocks trading, or any trading, there have been times you’ve wanted to open a transaction, but you falter, and the trade turns out to turn a profit. Sometimes, traders encounter setups that they didn’t take seriously, and all too often, those missed trades tend to be winners.

This article will critically examine what missed trades are and how to stop missing out on trades. So if you are tired of being stagnant, join us as we go down this path.

Missing Out On Winning Trades

New and veteran traders have scenarios where they analyze trades, find them suitable, and never take them. But looking back at the markets, they noticed that the trade made huge profits. These unavoidable situations often hurt your account and mental fortitude in the long run.

Some of the reasons that make traders start missing out on winning trades are:

  • Losing A Trade: This can be demoralizing if it happens consecutively and may lead to you thinking about quitting.
  • Not Using A Journal: A journal helps identify why you are missing trades and help you overcome those obstacles in future trades.
  • Not Enough Margin: This is due to your trading strategy and the amount of capital in your trading account.
  • No Confidence: This mainly happens due to trading losses and can lead to trading anxiety.
  • Not Setting Alerts And Orders: This can cause you to miss out on trade opportunities when doing other things.

How To Stop Missing Out On Trades

It is essential to understand that you do not need to take every trading opportunity. But you must decipher which ones are worth taking and which are not. Some surefire methods on how to stop missing out on trades are:

1.      Consider The Current Trends

Most traders make trading decisions based on past occurrences. This helps them not to make the same mistakes. This has helped humans generally but tends to work against traders if used. Trading is full of random winners and losers, so you’re never sure which trade will win or lose.

Traders must not be over-influenced by past trade events, as the outcomes hold little influence on the next trades’ results.

2.      Don’t Let The Fear Of Loss Mentally Restrict You

This is a powerful facilitator for missing out on trades. You must treat each trade as a unique experience to avoid this fear. Do not over-commit on any trade; you must protect your capital always to feel optimistic about future trades.

Every trader must also be able to separate their personal lives from their trading career. Many traders associate negative experiences in their lives with their trading, and most times, it can manifest in their trading strategy.

There is also the need to protect your trading mindset from extraneous events, it ensures that your trading is separate from your personal life, and until your personal experience is balanced, you do not trade.

3.      Avoid Overconfidence

Confidence is a great trait, but traders must always avoid overconfidence. Overconfidence can lead to a high risk of excessive trading and a high chance of losing all the accumulated gains; in extreme cases, the entire capital could be lost.

Traders must stay moderate, analyze the charts, be current about market trends, and test their trading strategies. Traders must also develop intuition when trading. It is a great technique to build confidence and gain trust in themselves.

4.      Always Use Alerts to Open Transactions

This is an excellent method to ensure you don’t miss out on trades. Alerts inform you when the set price levels will be reached; it also lets you stay ahead of price movements while doing other important obligations.

5.      Stats Don’t Lie

Many traders miss trades because they think themselves right and neglect the facts and statistics of trading. This can cause long-term consequences for the trader. Traders must always be aware that wins and losses in trading are randomized, and you are not sure which trade will win or lose.


Trading isn’t about missing or not missing a trade. But if you are missing trades, you must change your strategy significantly. This article explores the steps to take on how to stop missing out on trades; this gives you the best chance at making money from the market. To learn more about trading, check out the related articles below.

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